Chenille sisters


A Chenille Sisters performance is a blending of three uniquely gifted souls into a musical phenomenon that's more poignant, funny and entertaining than any single performer anywhere - and oh, those exquisite harmonies! What these three women have in common are heavenly voices, a lot of witty wisdom and a passion for connecting with their audiences. But as in a constellation, each Chenille shines her own particular kind of light.

Cheryl Dawdy draws on her background as a balladeer to tell stories that shimmer with human emotion, from sorrow to wonder to tenderness - all delivered with a sly smile that slowly grows wider, warming the heart.

With her broad vocal range, Grace Morand can project a powerful note clear to an auditorium's restrooms. Her performance is as much musical theater as it is singing, with one reviewer inviting the audience to relish the experience of her "silly putty face."

Connie Huber's musical acumen is as varied as it is powerful. Her deft guitar playing is a strong element in the musical mix, and her rich vocal presence can transport an audience to places they could otherwise visit only in their dreams.

So while these are very different women with very different histories and experiences, it's the union of the three that makes them a bona fide force of nature. Their paths first merged and converged on the small stage of an Ann Arbor bistro in 1985. Over the years they've criss-crossed the map, amassing tens of thousand of fans young and old.

If you haven't yet experienced the sweet, serious, silly and satisfying sensation of the Chenille Sisters, get yourself to a show or pop in a CD ASAP! But if you?d like to get up close and personal with your favorite, just click on her link (Cheryl: The Interview, Connie: The Interview or Grace: The Interview) and read all about her. However you experience them, you are cordially invited to hang on for the ride and enjoy!