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Look - up on the stage! It's a Kids' Show! It's a Swing ensemble! It's ... the Chenille Sisters! Rarely can a group do so many things so well but, lucky audiences, the Chenilles can and do! There's a taste for everyone and every show is tasty! You're cordially invited to try each and every flavor.


Perhaps their most-requested performance, the Chenille's Signature Show is crammed with voice, mind and heart. Their singing, songwriting and show-womanship take you on a rollicking ride that is wild, funny, wise, endearing, poignant and vibrant. Songs like "Mama I Wanna Make Rhythm," "Seduced" and "Girl Shoes" remain firmly at the core of the trio's success and in between, the keen wit of their running repartee cracks through the air like a whip.


The Golden Age of music is back and you'd better hang onto your snood! When the Chenille Sisters take the stage with the James Dapogny Chicago Jazz Band, the joint starts jumping. They've reinterpreted tunes from the 20's, 30's and 40's Chenilles-style, like "Bob White" and "Sentimental Journey," "Low Gravy" and "Bye Bye Blues." Set it all to the band's dazzling orchestration, and the nostalgia is as thick as pea soup!


The organ isn't the only thing in an orchestra hall with a great set of pipes. In this show those famous Chenille harmonies blend exquisitely with the full might of a symphony orchestra. You'll hear some classics, like "Harbor Lights" and "I've Heard That Song Before," plus there's a healthy helping of Chenille originals, too, including "I'm Beginning to See the Light" and "Wildbird." And no self-respecting music lover should miss the trio's brilliant rendition of the 6-hour Rossini opera William Tell, condensed into a single song and set to "The William Tell Overture"! Orchestra arrangements are by Bo Ayars, much-loved Las Vegas arranger for artists like Streisand and Liberace. If you're interested in booking this show, the Chenilles come with the parts for all instruments in tow.


If there's anything that can nourish your jangled holiday soul better than a 4000-calorie cookie binge, it's this concert. In addition to beautiful renditions of the season's traditional pieces, like "Silent Night" and "I'll Be Home for Christmas," the trio has included original creations like "The Quiet Gift of Love" and the hilarious "The All Purpose Carol." Grace's voice lilts, Connie's dips, Cheryl's soars. All the while their keen sense of humor remains firmly intact, which is actually a survival skill this time of year.


When the Chenille Sisters perform for kids, they celebrate silly better than just about anyone. You'll be howling with laughter when you see an entire auditorium of kids and adults imitating an agitator during "The Washing Machine Song" and get ultra cool dance moves to "Locomotion." There are costumes, skits, surprises and tons of laughs. With the Chenilles' warm, wacky, join-right-in style, this show has a way of making kids feel like there's a big, sparkly star smack in the middle of their foreheads.


What do you get when you cross the Chenille Sisters' Kids Show with an entire philharmonic? You get the very best kind of musical education, because it's all wrapped up in a big shiny box called fun. With inventive and playful arrangements by Bo Ayars, show songs include "At the Codfish Ball," (from Captain January for all you Shirley Temple fans), the whimsical "I'd Like to Visit the Moon," "The Fruit Song" and tons more. And bonus: Kids don't just get to see, feel and hear the power of an orchestra; the Chenilles actually teach them to sing the three-part harmonies that are their trademark!