Chenille sisters

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We're just big kids at heart! Check us out live or click a CD to hear our recordings for kids!


When the Chenille Sisters perform for kids, they celebrate silly better than just about anyone. You'll be howling with laughter when you see an entire auditorium of kids and adults imitating an agitator during "The Washing Machine Song" and get ultra cool dance moves to "Locomotion." There are costumes, skits, surprises and tons of laughs. With the Chenilles' warm, wacky, join-right-in style, this show has a way of making kids feel like there's a big, sparkly star smack in the middle of their foreheads.


What do you get when you cross the Chenille Sisters' Kids Show with an entire philharmonic? You get the very best kind of musical education, because it's all wrapped up in a big shiny box called fun. With inventive and playful arrangements by Bo Ayars, show songs include "At the Codfish Ball," (from Captain January for all you Shirley Temple fans), the whimsical "I'd Like to Visit the Moon," "The Fruit Song" and tons more. And bonus: Kids don't just get to see, feel and hear the power of an orchestra; the Chenilles actually teach them to sing the three-part harmonies that are their trademark!

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