Chenille sisters

Photos & Press Kit

Please download our Press Kit (3 MB), which includes our Biography, show info, quotes and pictures. Performance Rider, which contains additional contract requirements pertaining to our performance, and our Tech Requirements & Stage Plot.

"...beautifully harmonized repertoire...irreverent, loose humor...plenty of reason to both listen and laugh." -Washington Post

" can accurately be said that The Chenille Sisters are one very funny trio of singers." -Chicago Tribune

"...their sound, reminiscent of the Andrews, Boswell and McGarrigle Sisters, is sublime...they move deftly, with meticulous harmonies, from parody to pastiche to country to folk." -People Magazine

"The Chenille Sisters...impressed with smooth-as-silk harmonies to support their playful enjoyable bunch." -Boston Globe

"The Chenilles offered an effervescent vocals...each selection was marked by excellent musicianship." -Los Angeles Times

"...the three most important things to know about the Chenille Sisters...harmonies, harmonies, harmonies." -Philadelphia Inquirer

The Chenille Sisters performed on the
PBS station WKAR BackStage Pass show